Starting your build doesn’t mean you have to start with a builder. Seeing an architect first delivers three key benefits to you that will help your project run smoothly, and to your expectations.

  1. Architects are trained for many years to be able to translate your vision into reality, and maintain that vision throughout the project. A builder can be sometimes more about the profitability of project than the detail of your design. Your architect has the design at the forefront of discussions, and can offer ideas that take your dream even further.

  2. You may not realise that even if they’re your design ideas, you may not keep the copyright if you work with a builder. If the design is important to you – especially if you have a feature you’d like to be unique – talking to an architect first is probably the only way to go. The design stays with you, and you can carry it to whichever construction partner you choose.

    Infinity Pool - Beeston Way, West Lakes

  3. We know a range of builders – not just their strengths and experience, but also the way they quote your build. If you talk to us first, we can help you select the right builder who will deliver exactly what you and your project requires. We’ll ensure that your money is spent in the right places.

So talk to Think Architects before you get underway. We have found that these questions – asked at the start of the process – deliver the best results.