Stepping on site for your build can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. Unless you’ve got experience in building, it can sometimes be difficult to see your end product, understand delays or ensure your design is being followed to the letter.

That’s why you need an architect on site – in fact, there are three reasons why Think Architects can provide first-hand feedback and service as your build is underway.

  1. As your architect, we don’t work for your builder, so we are your voice. We ensure that your brief, documentation and design are being followed, and can make sure that any payments made to your builder only for the work completed. We ensure that your expectations match what is quoted – and that what you’re paying for is what you’re getting.

  2. Sometimes changes need to be considered because of unforeseen circumstances. Our clients tell us that we get the best outcome that avoid shortcuts or a switch to inferior materials – and we can explain the reasons behind the change. And we will be in discussion with your builder to ensure it’s not just a quick decision – it’s the right one.

  3. Our role as your architect is to keep the entire vision of the project at the forefront of any decisions should those changes need to be considered. This saves you from any short-term decisions that might fix a problem of today, but leave you with a compromise in the long-term.

As your architect, we are with your project from concept to completion. We know your dream may have taken years to even get to this point, and we ensure it is delivered to your satisfaction.