We find that one part of any project that can be underestimated by clients is the timeline of a build. Great buildings need time to design, develop and build, and we always talk to Think Architects clients about the timeline of their project – whether that’s their home or a commercial project.

There are three things you need to know, not just to help you understand your build, but help you manage your expectations.

  1. The most common consideration for the timeline of the build is from getting on site to completion. It’s more than that – you need to consider the time that goes into planning, getting the necessary approvals, getting the documentation together or finding the right builder.

    You should allow a minimum three months – ideally six months. There is a lot of information to change hands, to be thought about and thought through and rushing it through can be to the detriment of the project. So allow some contingency in terms of time as well as money.

  2. Many people already know builders before they go out to tender.  But finding the right builder isn’t simply responding to advertising – it’s about finding the right fit. And this fit goes beyond the build, it reaches into how the builder project manages, how they communicate and how they manage your dream. Take time to select the right builder, ask around, and ask us about the best builder for your project.

  3. The market is quite cautious at the moment in terms of approving finance, and you need to make sure you have your finances sorted out. If there is a hold up of finances, you can put extra pressure on yourself to cut corners which you may end up regretting.

    And if you push through approvals quicker, there is less opportunity to explore all design options.

Time is your biggest ally in your building project, and taking enough time gets the best outcome. And considering you may be living with your vision for years to come, it’s a smart move to use time to your advantage. We can help you understand what’s needed to deliver peace-of-mind as well as a great build.