Our Interior Design Work

While our architects deliver a build that is exquisite to look at, our interior designer will bring the best colours and textures to make your design dream a complete reality. 

Our interior design service will bring life to your dream home, taking your ideas and preferences and translating them into an interior consistent with the wider design philosophy of your project. 

Working with our interior design specialist will help you to:

  • Make decisions on design style, colours and materials – refining your design plan once you can see them all working together visually. You’ll be provided with a sample box featuring brick samples, paint swatches, door handles, tiles, timber flooring and even carpet samples.
  • Ensure our 3D model  of your build gives you a true picture of what it how it will look and feel once it’s complete.
  • Get a head start on planning the rest of your furniture and fixtures, by being clear about your palette early on.
  • Reduce the likelihood of contractual issues as your build progresses. Armed with our comprehensive picture of exactly what your interiors will look like, when the project leads to tender, you are able to better compare your options.

Contact the team to start the conversation about how we can continue your exterior design into the interior of your build and ensure that your project works for you … both inside and out.

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