Why Think Architects?

We take your development personally and don’t just run with your ideas. As architects, we enhance them, stretch them, and our input takes them in directions you haven’t even dreamed, but still within your timeline and budget. And we are always building on what we are building, so you receive the benefit of our vast range of experience.

The first step is a personalised meeting with us, where you share your vision for the project. From there, we translate that into a working quote based on the role you need Think Architects to play. It could be the full scope of providing concepts and design, project planning and working drawings, or just one of these. It could be helping you find the right builder based on our knowledge and the right fit, not simply the cheapest quote. It could be managing the tender process for you.

Talk to us about an no-obligation discussion about your dreams, and how we can help make them a reality.

About Think Architects

Established in 2012, Think Architects began with a sense of purpose and pride in what we design and do. Neither of those has changed.

Since the beginning, our business has been known for taking on any challenge in the design space, from residential to commercial, alterations to complete fitouts. Since then, we have grown our client base, our completed portfolio and our depth of expertise. We channel these into each new project, ensuring that the experience and knowledge we develop is available to each and every new client.

We are a boutique firm, taking your project from its inception through to the end and beyond. Our current project portfolio now stretches from $100,000 projects to those over ten million dollars, but it’s that same sense of purpose and pride in what we design that makes us the ideal partner for you.

RAIA, M-ARCH, B-ARCHS, Architect Reg 3525

Adam is passionate about creating spaces for clients that best represent them. He will bring a unique mix to your project – a creative mind that will see the possibilities, and a measured approach that ensures they are delivered.

His love of the possibilities of design ensure that his ideas will always be on the cutting‐edge. Adam’s greatest strength may be the way he challenges the status quo, throwing in ideas to move your project to become better than you imagined. The inner child who spent years creating Lego masterpieces lives on – only now he is working with brick, stone, concrete, steel and timber. And your vision.

M-ARCH, B-ARCHS, Architect Reg 3439

Adam’s approach to architecture have you, the client, firmly in the centre of the project. His organisation and work structure makes him ideal to project manage your next development, and his pride in his design ensures your needs are brought to elegant fruition.

His Masters in Architecture arms him with an appetite for challenge, which starts at the moment of your first conversation and ends with your satisfaction and excitement of stepping into the new space you have created together.


Adam’s passion for art and science combined make him the mastermind behind the amazing 3D animations and walkthrough our customers love.
Adam has worked on high end residential design, commercial and mixed-use developments as well as high density townhouse developments.

Fun Fact: Adam’s lunch breaks are spent on real estate websites eyeing potential property developments and could probably tell you all the properties for sale at the moment.


Margherita’s first love was Heritage Conservation and it now shows in her passion for Heritage Architecture and its charismatic design. Being the avid learner that she is, she decided that holding an Italian Architecture degree was not enough and went therefore ahead completing also an Australian one. Her experience in design and structural knowledge is growing quickly (she will soon become the highest expert in residential developments), as is her love for Australia now being her new home.

Important Fact: if you need a recommendation for a good pizza place, Margherita is your go to girl.


Anthony has worked across a varied and wide range of projects from design, documentation, procurement to site construction. Anthony’s almost 2 decades’ experience is in residential, educational, aged care and independent living & hospitality projects.

Anthony believes in a “keep it simple” approach to resolve every challenge, big or small with his sound technical skills construction knowledge.

Fun Fact: Anthony is an avid supporter of Scuderia Ferrari. After a race weekend, he may get extremely emotional in the office depending on how the racing team did.


Ashleigh is a confident and driven designer who enjoys guiding her clients through the design and delivery process all while building meaningful working relationships. Ashleigh has many years of experience in both residential and commercial projects and is very capable working independently or collaboratively with the wider team, always striving to achieve the best outcome for the project. Always looking to stay up to date with industry trends, her clients’ can feel assured they have the best and most considered design upon completion.

Fun Fact: Ashleigh loves to-do lists and if you bring her on site with you, rest assured she’ll immediately wander off touching every single material surface in sight!


Jess has equal amounts of love for the design industry and getting her geek on – crunching numbers, checking boxes and getting things done. Jess likes to mix up her day by coordinating the office social events (quadbiking anyone?), #hashtagging away on #insta, and salivating over tiles and tapware. She has a knack for meticulous to-do lists, tenacious account monitoring, and avoidance of her mother’s advice to not eat so much chocolate. If you need a spreadsheet – she’s your it girl. Need a coffee? She mainlines it. She’ll also obsess for days over the perfect shade of white for your living area (hint: it’s probably Lexicon Quarter).

Important Fact(s): Jess buys her wine based on the design of the label and spends more money on her greyhound’s wardrobe than her own.

Charlie hails from a long line of speednoodles and made a switch from racing when he thought being a professional sleeper was a much better career choice. After convincing his pawrent that he just HAD to be an #officedog (but really, who convinced who?!), he now spends 5 minutes critiquing our plans and then dozes off for the rest of the day, with his eyes open. Weird. He is yet to work a single billable hour. When he’s not snoozing and schmoozing in the office, Charlie’s at home rebelliously sleeping on the most comfiest piece of furniture – take that mum!

Important Fact: Watch your bed. Charlie will take it over, and stare you down defiantly while doing so. Ooohhh rabbit. Zzzzzzzzzz.

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