If you can’t picture your dream home … you will when our 3D visual allows you to walk through it.

Our real-time 3D designs give you the ability to see your project before it’s built, placed in its exact location and with your site’s own conditions. Building 3D design into your project from the beginning allows you to:

  • Make decisions on design style, colours and materials – refine your design plan once you can see them all working together visually. You can see how our interior designers have articulated the look and feel you want.
  • Consider whether your home is making the most of sun conditions year-round – which allows us to reduce glazing or increase overhangs.
  • Understand what your design looks like … while it’s being designed.

Make the most of your investment by making important design choices before the ‘too-late’ phase – when your build is underway. Contact us to discuss the best 3D option for your project.

Basic 3D concept

A 3D concept rendering will show you your build in its most basic form – shapes and shading. You can see the building blocks of your home to ensure you’re making the most of the space, and the home is functioning the way you want it to. You can check performance in terms of orientation, lighting, shading, passive heating and cross-ventilation.
Basic 3D Concept

High-resolution 3D

The next level of 3D design presents your project in a high-resolution, photo-realistic model that allows you to see textures, materials and colours. This model allows you to see if the design has captured the look you wanted for your home – it’s a good option to see how the build sits in your own environment and gives you a chance to see if it’s going to make the visual impact you want.
3D architectural model

High-resolution animated 3D

See yourself in your dream home as you fly through it in your own animated video. Get a feel for what it’s like to move through it and live there. Through animation, this option gives you a sense of how different areas in your home work together as you move between them. Exterior animation also gives you the chance to view your home from different angles, which can help with seeing how different views are maximised.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality gives you control over what you see. While not having the same level of high-resolution as other options, you get to choose your view so you can focus on the particular areas of the build you’re interested in the most. You can explore your build at your own pace.

If you contact the team we can show you how seeing your dream home before it’s built is the right way to go.