1. Meet us one on one to discuss your project, and we will aid in establishing a brief, scope, procurement method and budget to suit your requirements. And we’ll help manage your expectations to smooth out the process and help guarantee your satisfaction.
  2. We are skilled in investigating the suitability and viability of a project for a particular site, and considering the needs of all stakeholders such as Government Regulations, building controls, environmental and community impacts.
  3. We do more than put thoughts to paper, representing our creative ideas and philosophies into functioning buildings that meet our clients needs, requirements and budget within the guidance of statutory building codes. We present them in a way that best engage with you.
  4. Great ideas for buildings need to get the tick of approval by the governing body it is located in. Developing accurate plans, elevations, sections and perspectives from the concept design stage is a pivotal step in the achieving this, and we know how to get there.
  5. Working drawings are the key to the success of your building or project. These are central to the contract documents used in the tender and appointment of a successful contractor. Sufficient detail and accuracy are imperative to achieve a successful project outcome, on time and on budget.
  6. Every great building needs to be completed with a well executed interior to match. Getting colours, textures and the latest trends all important factors to the continuity of the overall project, and our expertise extends to interior design, and the best way to bring the outside in.
  7. We can run a competitive tender process with your contract documents as the centrepiece, which allows you to select the right suppliers to deliver your project on time, and for the right price. You’llbe able to confidently compare quotes, knowing you’re getting a competitive price that gives you what you need.
  8. Administering a building contract ensures the builder works in accordance with the contract documents and to the required level of quality and workmanship. Our role as your architect is to remain independent in your assessment while acting as your representative. We are on your side, at all times.
  9. We use 3D visualisation and Virtual Reality to help bring your project to life, helping you preview the finished product long before a builder breaks ground.
  10. We model the solar performance of a building, its access to natural light and shading to maximise natural light where you want it. We can help analyse your site so you get the most out of it while protecting your environment. Benefit from our knowledge and eliminate costly mistakes before they creep into your project.